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Evidence for Action
Available evidence, recommendations for actions and policies, as well as knowledge translation tools

Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet)


1. Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet)

The Evidence Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) is a network established by the World Health Organization to promote the systematic use of evidence in the development of health policies in order to strengthen health systems and bring the appropriate programs, services and interventions to those who need them.

It is present in all WHO regions and is coordinated at the regional and global level. EVIPNet encourages the development of teams at the country level, which include policy makers, researchers, and representatives of civil society. They facilitate policy development and implementation by using the best global and local evidence available.

EVIPNet builds capacity in countries to develop policy synopsis and mechanisms to translate evidence into policy.

2. Standards for Development

3. Other databases for evidence based health policy decision-making