About the Data

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The Regional Core Health Data and Country Profile Initiative (RCHDI) was launched by the Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in 1995 to monitor the attainment of health goals and compliance with the mandates adopted by the Member States and the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB). The principal goal of Core Indicators is to monitor the population health in the Americas over time, by country, by subregions and by the Region of the Americas. Moreover, core indicators serve to measure the progress towards agreed upon commitments such as the country adopted PAHO mandates and strategies and the health and health related Sustainable Development Indicators.

PAHO Core Indicators provide a broad strategic view of the health of a population. Indicators are disaggregated by sex and geographic location, when available.

Core Indicators are divided into 6 dimensions:

Health service coverage Mortality
Health systems Risk Factors
Morbidity Sociodemographic


Core Indicators are divided into the following subdimensions:

Cause of death Demographic Human resources
Child health Environment Maternal and reproductive health
Communicable diseases Health services Morbidity/Cancer and Non communicable diseases
Data quality Health systems Socioeconomic


Suggested citation: Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization. Core Indicators Portal. Region of the Americas. Washington D.C. [Consulted: DATE]. Available from: https://opendata.paho.org/en/core-indicators